Wholesale Shade Products Range

At Commercial Shade Sails, we now offer a range of wholesale shade fabrics suitable for a range of applications. We make it easy to get the best fabrics by the roll. Browse our range of available wholesale shade products and their versatile uses below.

Architectural Shade Fabric

Architectural shade cloth is what makes shade sails hugely popular around Australia. Primarily designed for shade sails and tension structures it’s used in domestic and commercial structures.

These highly-versatile fabrics offer UV protection and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. So your sail can be a bold statement for your business or a subtle and chic addition to your home.

Choose Architectural Shade Fabric for:

Pergolas, pool covers, caravan and boat awnings, carports, privacy screens and exterior blinds.

Playground Shade Sail

All-Weather & PVC Shade Fabric

These heavy-duty fabrics can stand up to the Australian weather. There are two main types of waterproof fabric. One is shade fabric with a waterproof coating the other is PVC fabric. They come in a variety of fabrics, coatings and strengths.

Choose All Weather Shade Fabric for:

Carports, outdoor retail and dining areas, pergolas, commercial awnings, tents and marquees.

Waterproof Shade Sail

Agricultural Fabrics

These fabrics are specifically designed for agricultural and horticultural purposes from small home gardens to large commercial farming operations.

These fabrics can safeguard crops against harsh weather conditions and damage caused by hail, wind, insects, birds, drought and sunburn. Agricultural fabrics can create a protected microclimate for optimum growth and yield of seedlings, fruit, vegetables, pot plants and cut flowers.

Choose Agricultural Fabrics for:

Crop protection, hothouses and greenhouses.

Agricultural Shade Netting with SpectraNet Climate Control Shade Net

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