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Commercial Shade Sails is proud to offer a comprehensive range of shade sail products. Please browse the pages here to find the perfect Commercial Shade Sails product for your business or organisation. You can also contact us today for expert advice about the ideal Commercial Shade Sail for your needs.

Canvas versus mesh

Commercial Shade Sails offers many grades of fabric (see below), and they are mainly of two types: canvas and mesh.

Canvas sails tend to be superior for UV protection, combined with maximum strength and durability. Canvas is not only sturdy, it won’t absorb moisture and rot, giving you many years of low-maintenance performance. They also allow for breezes and can, therefore, be the cooler of the two options.

Our white mesh fabrics offer protection from the sun through reflection as well as UV protection. While they don’t allow breezes as easily as canvas, they offer superior low-maintenance resistance against nuisance birds and bats.

UV protection factor in Australia

All Commercial Shade Sail fabrics offer high UV protection factor (UPF). The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating on your shade sail shows how effectively the cloth blocks ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It is tested in Australia and New Zealand to standard AS/NZS4399 by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

The UPF rating numbers fall between 15 and 50+, according to the percentage of solar radiation they block. You can use this table to help choose the right fabric for your needs:

UPF RatingProtection Category% UV Blocked
15-20Good93.3 to 95.9
25–35Very Good96.0 to 97.4
40–50+Excellent97.5 or more




Shade fabrics

Commercial Shade Sails shade fabrics have been hand-picked for the range they offer. Each has its features and benefits for non-waterproof quality, UV protection, weight, tensile strength, durability and easy maintenance.

Explore the unique features and benefits and range of colours of each fabric in our shade range:

Waterproof fabrics

Commercial Shade Sails also offers a range of fully waterproof fabrics in three grades.

Explore the features and benefits and range of colours of each of our waterproof fabrics on these pages:

Commercial fabrics

Commercial Shade Sails stocks a range of commercial agricultural shade fabrics. From home gardens to farms we have a horticultural fabric to suit your needs.

Explore the features and benefits and range of colours of the commercial shade fabrics in our range:

Shade Sail Colours