Retail and Hospitality

Commercial Shade Sails: Every solution under the sun

Being outside is part of what makes living in Australia just so enjoyable. Pass through any of our cities, suburbs, towns, beaches and resorts and you will find Australians and visitors relaxing, dining and shopping in the great outdoors. Commercial Shade Sails celebrates the Australian outdoors climate and lifestyle.

We are experts in crafting sun-safe spaces that allow your customers and clients to enjoy our beautiful fresh air, natural light and scenery. We know how to help you add value to the experience you offer your customers and clients, whether your business in the retail and hospitality trade is a:

  • cafe
  • restaurant
  • fast-food outlet
  • shop
  • market
  • kiosk
  • winery
  • pub
  • hotel
  • resort
  • motel
  • drive-through
  • walkway, mall or carpark

Retail and hospitality businesses seek out Commercial Shade Sails

Commercial Shade Sails has established a strong reputation over its years of operation for providing ingenious shade solutions to the retail and hospitality industries. We are an Australian-owned and managed small business that proudly offers to add value to the outdoor spaces of retail and hospitality enterprises around the country by offering a combination of:

  • a wide range of shade cloth of various UPFs, weights, features and colours
  • fabrics suitable for screen-printing your branding
  • expert service and installation Australia-wide
  • DIY support for handypersons and tradespeople
  • maintenance and repair services
  • a dedication to the sun safety of your customers, the aesthetics of your outdoor space, and to exceeding your expectations for service and quality.

Simply put, we build to the highest standards of safety and quality for the retail and hospitality trades. We will carefully assess your brief, your sketches and photographs. Then we will think hard about who your customers are, what they want and how they use your spaces. Finally, we will deliver the best possible shade solution for you and your customers.

We understand your business imperatives. At Commercial Shade Sails, we know that you are seeking to increase the time and money customers spend at your business, and you want a great-looking space that is low maintenance. We will make it our business to understand the pressure points of your business and the outcomes you are seeking. You can count on Commercial Shade Sails to offer unique and even ingenious solutions that will reduce your lighting and cooling costs, increase natural light to your location, and keep your customers sun-safe while they enjoy the experience you offer them in the outdoors.

Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance the outdoor spaces in your retail or hospitality business.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

At Commercial Shade Sails, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction through delivering the best quality commercial shade sails in Australia at the best price with the best service.



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