Commercial PVC & Shade Structures

Commercial Shade Sails is here to help you with a variety of commercial PVC and shade structures. We design, engineer, supply, and install shade structures and their PVC and fabric mesh sails.

Commercial shade structures are a great way to create shade or weather protection over large areas. The single-frame structure compared with individual posts offers extra strength across large spans as the frame is a more solid structure and it supports the material allowing it to hold shape and tension more easily. 

With a variety of styles, these structures are more flexible and often more cost-effective solutions compared to solid roofed structures. Fabric roofed structures also reduce noise, allow natural airflow, reflect away heat, block dangerous UV rays while allowing safe light transference and lower the ambient temperature under the structure.

Whatever your needs, Commercial Shade Sails can help you find the perfect shade structure for your needs. We are here for every step of the way with full design and engineering services and supply only and installation options for your shade structure and its sails.

Hipped Structures

Hipped structures are one of the most common shade structures around. Popular with schools and council amenities, hipped structures consist of a metal frame with posts forming a hip or hip and ridge roof line. This style of frame is highly scalable and can create relatively small shelters all the way up to huge structures covering hundreds of square meters.

Barrel Structures

Barrel Structures are highly versatile structures, perfect for waterproof materials with an arched design for efficient water run-off. The shape is supported by a frame with arched beams resembling barrel bands. Barrel structures are most common for covering long walkways, offering protection between buildings and even creating industrial asset and site shelters. They are also popular for sports clubs offering large scale protection for various courts and greens including basketball and netball courts and lawn bowls greens.

Dome Structures

Generally associated with temporary event structures, dome shade structures are also effective permanent shade solutions. Dome structures have a unique style that can enhance any space while offering practical protection from the elements. The internal structure makes it relatively easy to add lights, fans, space heaters, audiovisual systems and more to create a practical and beautiful space that’s usable night and day all year round. Dome structures are great for restaurants, parks, conference centres and event venues. They are perfect for creating stand-alone shelters for outdoor dining areas and entertaining spaces

Cantilever Structures

Cantilever structures create large spans of usable shade with minimal obtrusive posts and are used where traditional structures wouldn’t work. The nature of cantilever structures requires specialised planning and engineering to ensure the frame is safe and secure. These kinds of structures are most commonly seen in large car parks. There is a huge variety in styles of cantilever shade structures, but the two most common are single column and twin ‘V’ column styles. 

Canopy Structures

Canopy or conical structures are eye-catching and have a robust structure. Similar to dome structures the silhouette of these frames is usually connected with temporary marquees but they make for unique and practical permanent structures. Canopy structures are highly versatile and can cover large and small areas, with a single large canopy or several smaller ones used in series. The internal structure of these canopies makes them ideal for hanging lights, fans and other accessories to add comfort and value to the shaded area. Canopy structures are great for sheltering outdoor seating and dining areas. 

Sails For PVC & Shade Structures

Referred to as sails, skins, envelopes or simply roofing, the material over your shade structure is an important consideration. Shade structures are suited to a much wider array of materials compared to traditional tensioned shade sails. The additional structure and support mean heavier-duty materials are available and waterproof membranes are often more feasible.

How Commercial Shade Sails Can Help

For projects small and large, Australia wide, Commercial Shade Sails has the knowledge and expertise to help you create the perfect shade structure. We offer a range of services including engineering and structural design and the supply and installation of shade structures and their sails. Contact us today to talk to one of our expert team about the best shade structure for your needs and get your free and obligation-free quote.




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