SpectraNet Shade Net

For the ultimate in climate control and lightwave manipulation for the agricultural and horticultural industries, Commercial Shade Sails now offers SpectraNet.

SpectraNet is a specialist agricultural shade netting well known for providing comprehensive plant protection. This protective fabric can safeguard crops against harsh weather conditions and damage caused by hail, wind, insects, birds, drought and sunburn.

Agricultural Shade Netting with SpectraNet Climate Control Shade Net

SpectraNet is a knitted shade net fabric, manufactured from high-density polyethylene, high-quality colour concentrates and ultra-violet stabilisation additives. This climate control shade netting can be used to manipulate and alter the quantity, quality and relationship of blue, green, red and far-red wavelength energies absorbed by plants.

Plants and crops suffer stress from excessive photosynthetic active radiation (PAR), heat, strong winds and UV burn, which generally results in smaller, lower quality yields. Hail, severe storms, insects and birds too, can cause considerable damage to crops.

SpectraNet will protect against such factors and provide an environment for optimum growth and yield. It ensures good air circulation, with excellent moisture exchange resulting in large savings in water and chemical sprays.

A well-constructed shade house using one of the many SpectraNet fabrics will enable the grower, to modify or create an ideal protected microclimate in which to produce high-quality seedlings, fruit, vegetables, pot plants and cut flowers.

Commercial agricultural shade netting

Use SpectraNet Shade Net to protect plants and crops against:


Wind Damage

Hail Damage

Birds & Insects

SpectraNet Shade Net creates a better environment to help plants grow by:

Reducing Temperatures

Reducing Evaporation

Enhancing Photosynthesis

Maintaining Humidity

Reducing Plant Stress

Improving Light Dispersion




SpectraNet Growers Guide

Download the PDF Growers Guide for advice on which product will support the growth of your crops best.


Colour & Weave Specifications

Colours may be limited subject to availability.

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