Shade Sail Hardware

Commercial Shade Sails offers a comprehensive range of marine-grade stainless steel hardware that is specifically designed for installing shade sails and shade sail structures.

No matter the dimensions, weight and construction of your sail, we are sure to offer the right hardware for the job. We use marine-grade stainless steel, as it is very strong, wears exceedingly well and looks great.

Shade Sail Hardware

Grades of stainless steel

Commercial Shade Sails sells only the finest quality hardware. All of our products have been tested to meet Australian standards. This means they have been tested for their sturdy ability to withstand breaking loads.

They have also been manufactured in the highest quality stainless steel for industrial use. There are two such preferred grades, 304 and 316, both of which are resistant to corrosion, are electropolished for an enhanced surface finish, and versatile in their applications:

  • 304-grade stainless steel is the most common grade and a good general purpose stainless steel.
  • 316-grade is knowns as “marine grade”, as it contains molybdenum to resist the corrosive effects of salt (NaCl) in seawater. It is the best choice if your business or organisation is located near the coast. Although not completely rust-proof, its alloy is even more resistant to corrosion than other common stainless steels.

Almost all of Commercial Shade Sails stainless steel hardware fittings are manufactured in 316 or marine grade.

Shade Sail Hardware



Please browse our hardware selection below.

If you are a tradesperson or are contemplating DIY installation and need advice on the best size and type of hardware for your sail, contact us today to speak to one of our expert installation staff.


Turnbuckles are used to adjust the tension of your shade sail when you install it or to give it a little extra length. It is always best to use your turnbuckle at its greatest length for the best tensioning.

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle

Pad eyes and wall plates

Pad eyes and wall plates are designed to anchor into brick walls for a secure fixing point over individual bricks. Larger sizes can spread the weight-bearing load over a wider area and are therefore better for sails that are larger or heavier. We offer a range of pad eyes and wall plates for many shade sail applications.

Stainless Steel Eye Plate

Eye nuts and bolts and screw nuts and eyes

Eye nuts and bolts and screw nuts and eyes are generally used for steel or timber posts. We offer a range of sizes for different shade sail applications. You may require a turnbuckle to attach the shade sail to the eye bolt.

Stainless Steel Eye Nut


We offer a range of terminals that are safe, reliable, and do not require any specialised swaging or crimping tools.

Stainless Steel Terminal

Toggle bolts

Our toggle bolts can be fastened to most stainless steel wall fixtures and fittings, including wall plates and pad eyes and eye bolts.

Stainless Steel Toggle Bolt

Rigging screws

Rigging screws are designed to conceal the threads within the pipe for a better, more streamlined appearance to your shade sail rigging. They are designed to attach to a wide range of stainless steel fixtures and fittings, such as screw eyes and eye bolts.

Stainless Steel Rigging Screws

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